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Virtual Card Service


Instead of issuing vouchers on paper when customers returns items, you can issue virtual cards that can be used in all channels. Virtual cards will have balance and expiring dates.

Creating new virtual card when customers returns some items

Alternative 1: Creating using a static wallet id (lower security)

It is lower security since the wallet id will be used for payment with the wallet. So if the wallet id is compromised, it would be more difficult to issue a new voucher.

  1. Customers returns item
  2. You create new virtual card with an id (use the same as the voucher id created in Point of sale), balance amount and expiring date.
  3. Dintero will return a barcode or QR code as image, that customers uses for payment later.

Alternative 2: Using card token instead of wallet id (higher security)

  1. Customer returns item
  2. Create new virtual card with a card token.

The card token can be set as one-time payment token. So the customer can only use the token once, and needs to create new card token for next payment.

How to use the balance on virtual cards?


  1. Customers shows the barcode or QR code.
  2. Cashier scans the code
  3. Point of sale creates a new transaction.

Online / in-App

  1. Customers enters the barcode or QR code. It is also possible to link the to a customer profile, and list all the virtual wallets in the Checkout.
  2. eCommerce or your App creates a new transaction.