Checkout API (LATEST)

API Integration Support: License: UNLICENSED


All notable changes to the API.


new: Support enable_on_hold-configuration on session configuration and in checkout configuration


new: Support bambora.vipps payment product type. Extend configuration on gateway and session to enable Vipps payment via Bambora Wallet service. The payment type must be enabled by Bambora.

new: Support session profile configuration when creating payment-token session

new: Extend shipping_address_callback response with support for updating the checkout session in addition to returning available shipping options. This will allow the callback endpoint to update the content of the order, like changing amount, or currency or update the items in the order.


change: Add support for void on part capture. Void can be used to release the remaining authorization on a part captured transaction. The support is limited to transactions.

change: Add support for language query parameter when getting payment operations

change: Add support Bambora creditcard payment.

change: Add support for bypassing the Dintero redirect for in_app-payments, and redirect from app to app.


change Add support for includes query parameter in session url.callback_url. includes set to session will enable the sessions url.callback_url to include session data in the body.


new: It is now possible to use full ISO 8601 compliant datetimes in date range queries. Note: If timezone isn't specified, UTC is assumed Note: To keep things backwards compatible, end-dates with the "yyyy-mm-dd" format will be shifted forward by a day.

new: Add possibility to create myDintero-user in address change

new: Extend transaction data with embedded session data includes now supports 'session'

new: Extend Vipps transaction metadata with vipps:merchantInfo.merchantSerialNumber, the Merchant Serial Number (MSN) that was used when the transaction was initiated.

new Add support for setting settlements on a transaction, one event per payout to a bank account

new: Version support when updating PayEx gateway configuration. The new option allows the gateway to be configured with multiple merchant agreements

change: Add support for additional query parameters. search will match on merchant reference's and customer name transaction_id will filter results to include only sessions associated with the provided transaction ids created_at.gte will exclude all sessions created before provided date created_at.lte will exclude all sessions created after provided date


new: Endpoint for initiating MIT payments

new: Checkout sessions and profiles supports theming via configuration.theme


new: Add support for using external discount codes in Express checkout. A session can be configured with a express.discount_code_callback_url that will be invoked when the session is updated with a promotion code. The response from the callback will then be used to adjust the order and shipping options available.

new: Add support for an advance credit check of Collector B2B customers


new: Add support for overriding Collector gateway settings

new Add support for collector.invoice_b2b_preapproved and collector.installment_b2b_preapproved payment

new Async transaction operations. The response status from capture, refund or void can now be 202 if the request was accepted but the processing has not been completed.

The transaction with an operation that was accepted will receive a update later when the processing completes. The event that completes the operation will include an initiate_request_id property. You can use the callback_url to receive a callback when the processing completes.

The status of the transaction will remain unchanged until the processing of the operation completes.

new Add support for callback when transaction is updated. You can now receive callbacks on captures, refunds and void by including report_event=<event> query parameter in the callback_url.


new Added in_store as a possible payment channel for payments in physical stores.


new Added option for configurating the payment channel. See The new option add support for in_app channel with appswitch deeplink URL (Vipps).

new Add support for optional order.discount_lines when creating a new sessions.

new Add support for updating a session

total_income moved from applicant to top level for instabank.invoice and instabank.installment. The field is required, but there will be a grace period of two months before it is enforced. Deprecated applicant.total_income