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API Key & Payment profile

Before you start

  1. Create and account at
  2. Apply for payment methods in Dintero Backoffice
    • Login to Dintero Backoffice
    • Go to SettingsPayment Connections
    • Apply for your preferred payment methods (it will take 1-3 days for you get approval).

Create API Keys

  1. Login to Dintero Backoffice

  2. Go to SettingsAPI KeysAdd new api keys

    new api keys

  3. Click on Checkout Client

    checkout client

  4. Enter Name for client and click on Create API Client


  5. Save your credentials in a secret place.


Create Payment Profile

  1. Login to Dintero Backoffice

  2. Go to SettingsPayment ProfilesCreate new Payment profile

    new payment profile

  3. Click on create_payment_profile

    create payment profile

  4. Payment profile created with new id.

    payment profile