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Silent Touch version 19.2 has support for Dintero Checkout inStore

How it works

Dintero Checkout via SMS

Customer will get a SMS with link to Dintero Checkout. Customer then needs to select a payment method and approve the payment.

Link to demo video in Norwegian:

If Only Vipps or Swish enabled in Dintero Checkout

If only Vipps is enabled in Dintero Checkout, the customer will get push notification, where they approve the payment.

Demo video with Vipps in Norwegian:

How to setup

Step 1: Create Dintero account and apply for payment options

A) Create and account at

B) Enable payment methods for production in Dintero Backoffice

  • Login to Dintero Backoffice
  • Go to SettingsPayment Connections
  • Apply for your preferred payment option (it will take 3 days or more for you get approval).

We will notify you when the your application is approved.

Payment connections

Step 2: Configure Silent Touch

Go to STConfig settings. Functionality->Online payment->OnlinePaymentType = Dintero

Copy and paste following URLs into settings.

For remaining values, please login to Dintero Backoffice to retrieve them:

How to get Client Id & Client Secret, Account ID & Profile ID

A) Go to SettingsAPI KeysAdd new api keys

new api keys

B) Click on Checkout Client

checkout client

C) Enter Name for client and click on Create API Client


D) Save your credentials in a secret place.


E) Copy Client ID & Client secret and paste into STConfig settings.

F) Enter Account ID in STConfig settings where you add P before the account id. Example: P11112225

NB! Add P in front of the account ID from the file you downloaded.

G) Go to SettingsPayment ProfilesNew Payment profile

new payment profile

H) Create your custom Checkout Payment profile

  • Fill out the Description & add URL to your store logo.
  • For inStore: Enable Automatically capture authorized transactions & Send the payment as push/SMS to the customer.
  • Then Click on Create payment profile

I) . Copy payment profile id to Silent Touch configuration in Profile id.

payment profile

Contact us

If you need help with the setup or have questions, please contact us:

Step 2 Alternative method: Configure Silent Touch via STConfig.xml

Here is an example of the configuration.


You also need to enable "Online betaling" (712) under <SupportedPaymentMethods>

Rename the "Online payment" button

Create a text file called ResourceOverrides.txt in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SilentTouch\Mods