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Clients/Application accessing your data

Create new applications / client for accessing your data

When creating new applications/client that will use the API endpoints, the application needs to have the right access or scopes.

If your Helpdesk application needs just access the customer data, the Helpdesk application needs access to Customer Collection & Customer details requests.

Login to Dintero Backoffice for creating New Client in

  • SettingsAPI ClientsCreate New API Client

To create a client for checkout, see Checkout API client.

You can also setup New API Clients via our API. Read more about it here.

Available scopes

admin:accountFully manage account and account user
admin:automationsFully manage Automations
admin:checkoutFully manage checkout
admin:customersFully manage eCRM Customer Data Platform
  public:customersAccess public resources (read-only)
admin:discountsFully manage DealEngine
  public:discountsAccess public resources (read-only)
admin:hooksFully manage subscription hooks
admin:locationsFully manage sale locations
admin:receiptsFully manage eReceipts
admin:shoppingFully manage Shopping
admin:walletsFully manage eWallet/eGift Cards