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What is supported from Order management:

  • Auto-capture: Yes
  • Cancel trancactions: Yes
  • Full Refund: Yes
  • Partial refund: Yes, only for Card payment, Vipps and Swish

Download & install the extension

  1. Login to your WooCommerce / Wordpress admin

  2. Click on the Plugins Add new in the left menu

  3. Search for "Dintero"

  4. Click on "Install Now" button.

  5. Click on "Activate" button

Setup the plugin

  1. Click on WooCommerce Settings Payments

  2. Find Dintero Checkout Extension in the list and click on Manage button

  3. Configure the Extension settings by:

    • Copy the values client id, client secret, account_id and payment profile id from Dintero Backoffice or from the file you downloaded.

    • Click on Save changes button.

Other configuration of the extension

Number of decimals

Remember to disable rounding the total amount of order. You can disable by using 2 decimals.

Go to WooCommerce Settings General Number of decimals

Set the value to 2.

Tax rounding

Taxes should be rounded per line, and not at subtotal level.

Go to WooCommerce Settings Tax Rounding and make sure Round tax at subtotal level, instead of rounding per line is turned off.


Open Firewall for traffic from Dintero

See Validating callbacks for how to open the IPs.