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Card numberExpiryCVCType of test data
4925000000000004After the current monthAnyLoopback only
4581097032723517After the current monthAnyLoopback only
4581099940323133After the current monthAnyLoopback only
4581096604172848After the current monthAnyLoopback only
454778108701332912/207493DS ECI 6 NETS & loopback
476173900101041612/222683DS enrolled, ECI 5, Evry & loopback
4581096477726290After the current month019Swedbank & loopback


Card numberExpiryCVCType of test data
522661219953340609/286023DS enrolled, ECI 6, Evry & loopback
5413066399580167After the current monthAnyLoopback only
5226609999109486After the current monthAnyLoopback only
5226600159865967After the current monthAnyLoopback only
5226603115488031After the current monthAnyLoopback only
5226604266737382After the current monthAnyLoopback only
5226600156995650After the current monthAnyLoopback only

Example tokens

Card numberTokenCVC


Phone number
+47 48059134

See instruction for installing Vipps test App that is required for authorizing a Vipps payment.


For testing a positive SEK purchase, use any swedish mobile number. E.g: +46 739000001.


For testing a positive DKK purchase, use any danish mobile number. E.g: +45 22222222.



Any civic reg. no. can be used for testing purposes, as long as it is in a standard format, and the test person is above 18 years of age.

B2C customers (consumers)

StatusFirst nameLast nameAddressZip codeCityCiv. reg. noEmailPhone number
ApprovedApproved23Norway23STORGATA 19300FINNSNES01028049923Your ownYour own
ApprovedApproved42Norway42STORGATA 159300FINNSNES01028049842Your ownYour own
RejectedRejected49Norway49RADARVEIEN 221152OSLO01019949849Your ownYour own

The above is the official test data. When using these users it's important to use the name, address and reg. no. provided. You can also use other names, and a valid norwegian social security number, for example:

StatusFirst nameLast nameAddressZip codeCityCiv. reg. noEmailPhone number
ApprovedDemoPersonGaustadalleen 210349Oslo14127638757Your ownYour own

B2B customers (businesses)

StatusCompany name.AddressZip codeCityOrganization. no
ApprovedSvar Direkte AsC/O Testgruppen0508Oslo937340303
Not approvedNot Approved ASTestgatan 10508Oslo927822334

Other countries

For other countries, check out for a complete list of test subjects.

Testing ON_HOLD

When using the email-address, purchases will be put on hold. Use this email-address with your choice of phone number and one of the social security numbers above.

The payment will be put in status ON_HOLD in Dintero's system. To complete or decline the payment, a GET request to Collector anti-fraud callback is needed. Contact Dintero if you need to test this.


Instabank Finance

StatusSSNBankID OTPBankID Password