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Add Payout Destinations

Once your company is approved for Dintero Payout, you can start the process adding your merchants as payout destinations. You can choose to do this part from Backoffice, or through the API.

Onboarding your merchants from Backoffice

Once again, go to Settings Payout Destinations. Here, you will find a new button Add new Payout Destination .

  1. Fill out preliminary info about your merchant

  1. Once filled out, press Continue and you will get a link to send to your merchant

Onboarding your merchants through the API

  1. Fill out preliminary info about your merchant

Use New payout destination approval to fill out information about the merchant's company.

  1. Receive a link to send to your merchant.

The link will be in the response under links with rel=contract_url

Handing over to your merchant

Now, take this link and send it to your merchant. This link will take your merchant to a similar KYC form to yours.

Once they've submitted their company declaration form and signed the agreement electronically our KYC department will take a look at the data and evaluate your application.

Payout Destination approval

To know when the Payout Destination is approved, you can create a webhook from Settings Webhooks Add webhook and choose approval_payout_destination_update.

Consider the Payout Destination approved when the payout destination approval has been updated to case_status=ACTIVE.

You can also poll the endpoint List payout destination approvals to see when the destinations are approved.

Once the payout destination is approved, you can start creating payment sessions with splits.


You can technically create payment sessions with splits before the payout destinations being approved, but there is no guarantee that they will be approved.

In the case that an unknown or unapproved payout destination is used, the plattform merchant will have to deal with the matter manually.