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Reports for split payments

Dintero provides two types of reports, Settlement Reports and scheduled custom Insight Reports.

Settlement reports

Settlement reports are created when the settlements are paid out by Dintero Payout, and are available in .pdf, .xml and .csv formats. Every bank account transfer from Dintero to a seller will have its own settlement report.

Each item in the List settlements contains a payout_destination_id that identifies the seller.

You can be notified when a settlement is added by creating a webhook subscription with the settlement_add event.

Insight reports

The insight reports are created from transaction data and they do not contain any settlement information, but they can be useful for other purposes.

Insight reports are based on configurations specifying a data source, filters and interval and the reports for a configuration are created automatically at the scheduled intervals eg. weekly or monthly.

To create a report for a seller you need to specify a filter on payout_destination_id.