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Dintero HTTP headers

The API supports various headers to either add metadata or to change the behavior of the API.

API-wide metadata headers

We recommend using the following optional HTTP headers for all requests to the Checkout API. These headers provide useful metadata about the merchant's system, which help Dintero improve our services, and also helps with troubleshooting.

HeaderDescriptionExample value
Dintero-System-NameThe name of the ecommerce solutionwoocommerce
Dintero-System-VersionThe version number of the ecommerce solution5.4
Dintero-System-Plugin-NameThe name of the ecommerce pluginDintero.Checkout.WooCommerce
Dintero-System-Plugin-VersionThe version number of the ecommerce plugin2020.11.03

Endpoint-specific behavior modifiers

For some requests, the API supports headers that can change the behavior. These will be mentioned in the API spec.

EndpointRecommended valueDescription
Create session from profileDintero-Feature-Toggles: strict-session-amountsStrict validation of order amounts