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Payment link by SMS or push

In some cases you might want to send an SMS to the customer with a link to the checkout when the session is created.

There are several ways to send SMS-messages when creating a payment session:

  • Enable SMS in Payment link in Backoffice
  • Enable SMS in payment profile via Backoffice
  • Enable via the API

To send an SMS when using the Payment link in Backoffice, choose Send bySMS/Push and specify the phone number.

Enable SMS/Push in Payment link in Backoffice

Enable SMS in payment profile via Backoffice

If you're using payment profiles, SMS is quite easy to turn on. Simply open Backoffice and go to SettingsPayment profiles.

Choose your payment profile from the list (or create a new one), click edit and tick the box that says "Send payment link via SMS to customers". Save the payment profile.

Enable SMS/Push in payment profile via Backoffice

Now, when creating a session with this payment profile, your customer will receive an SMS.

Enable SMS via the API

When using the API, you can enable SMS either through payment profiles or directly when creating the session.


To create payments with a payment profile, use Create checkout session from profile .

For each of these cases, extend the request body with the following fields:

"configuration": {
"publish": [
"type": "checkout-link",
"channel": "sms"

Direct push messages instead of SMS

For the following payment types, we support direct push messages:

  • Vipps
  • Swish
  • MobilePay

To send push payments instead of SMS-messages for one of these payment, these conditions must be met:

  • The session should only contain that single payment type
  • Publish is configured as the example above.