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Subscription example

This example details the flow for a merchant selling memberships to their club with three tiers of memberships:

  • Tier 3: Yearly 500,-
  • Tier 2: Yearly 300,-
  • Tier 1: Yearly 150,-

Since these are paid in regular intervals, we will use our recurring/subscription support.

Managing subscriptions for this club encompasses three different scenarios:

  • Creating subscription for new customer
  • Receive payment for subsequent periods
  • Upgrading the subscription from one tier to another

Creating subscription for a new customer

  1. Create a payment session with the subscription amount, and specifies that a recurrence token should be created .
  2. The customer pays
  3. The merchant is notified about the successful payment.
  4. The merchant fetches and stores the token

Receive payment for subsequent periods

  1. Create a recurrence transaction with the previously acquired token
  2. The merchant will receive a synchronous response about the payment status, but should also implement a callback in case the request failed, but the payment succeeded in the background.

Upgrading the subscription

Let's say the customer has been a tier 2 member for 6 months, but now they want to upgrade to tier 3.

They paid 300 for the full year, and the price for tier 3 is 500.

  1. Repeat the steps from Creating subscription for a new customer for the customer to pay 500.
  2. Refund the money for the remaining 6 months of the tier 2 membership, 150,-
  3. The merchant stops using the old recurrence token and starts using the new for subsequent payments.